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    Supacaz Fly Polycarbonate Bottle Cage Celeste


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    100% Polycarbonate Bottle Cage

    Supacaz really do make the best performing, most attention-grabbing bike accessories. Take the frame-mounted SUPACAZ FLY POLYCARBONATE BOTTLE CAGE for instance. It’s a fully functional, visual masterpiece which screams style, and screams it loudly. All you have to do is choose the colour that screams “YOU” to the world in the best possible way. Lock-Tight Rails

    Prevent Rattling

    The SUPACAZ FLY POLY BOTTLE CAGE is “Road & MTB approved” and characterised by clean lines, brilliant colours and laser-etched branding. Constructed of durable, high-quality Polycarbonate it is amazingly lightweight and reassuringly sturdy. Mounting screws are included and the lock-tight rails will keep your bottle from rattling when the bike is in motion.

    • Supacaz Fly Polycarbonate Bottle Cage

    • Road/MTB approved

    • Mounts easily to bicycle frame

    • Looks supa-stylish when mounted

    • Laser-etched branding

    • Clean design lines really make it stand out • Polycarbonate cage (100%)

    • LockTight cage rails

    • Holds your bottle snugly and securely

    • Mounting screws included

    • Designed in California, USA

    • Compatible with Supacaz Saddle Bottle Cage Mount (sold separately)

    Cage Specifications • Cage Type: Frame Mounted • Material: Polycarbonate (100%) • Length: 147mm • Width: 79mm • Depth: 80mm • Weight: 36g (approx) • Country of Manufacture: Taiwan

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